Break Free of Long-Term Business Phone Contracts

As a business owner, you sign documents almost every day. You take more time digesting some documents than others, especially multi-year vendor contracts. But after the ink dries, you move on to the next priority and typically don’t think about it again.  Many vendors give you a heads-up when the contract is about to expire,…

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The Pitfalls of Using Your Personal Cellphone Number for Business

In the digital age, where smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, it’s tempting to use our personal cellphone numbers for business purposes. After all, having all calls and messages in one place seems convenient. However, this convenience comes with its own set of pitfalls and drawbacks, which can have significant implications for your business and…

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Striking the Right Balance: VoIP Price vs. Exceptional Customer Support

  When researching business phone providers, it’s easy to focus only on price. Yet, exceptional customer support from your voice over IP (VoIP) phone company is crucial for several reasons that directly impact your business. Focusing more on customer service during your vetting process could save you the time, money, and headache of switching providers…

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What to Consider When Changing Your Phone Company

Last month, we explored the many reasons a business might decide to switch to a new voice over IP (VoIP) VoIP phone company. If you have decided to make a change, it’s time to assess your needs, identify a new provider, and prepare for the transition.     Assess Your Current Needs The first step…

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Buying Headsets? How to Choose Between Bluetooth and DECT

Shopping for a headset to use with your business phone is like walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store—the options are endless! It can be overwhelming. Before jumping into specifics like whether you want the headset to cover one ear (mono) or both (binaural), there’s an easy decision to make. It’s similar to…

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I just called to say… THANK YOU

grateful voip provider in lafayette in

Thank you. When was the first time you heard those two words together? You may not remember because you were so young.  What’s in a “Thank you?” “Thank you,” along with “please,” is one of the first phrases we learn. It’s packaged with developing manners and polite behavior during early childhood. For most people, saying…

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Is Your Phone Company Robbing You?

Phone company robbing you? Do better with Uplync

Sometimes, you run across business practices that make you shake your head and think, “I would never run my company that way.” Then, there are times when you see an idea and say, “Why haven’t I been doing that? I’m totally borrowing that concept.” Within the…

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What You Should Know Before Switching to VoIP

what you need to know about voip

You’ve decided to eliminate your outdated analog phone system and switch to a Voice over IP (VoIP) system. Congrats! Now, it’s time to start the transition! There are a few key differences between the two platforms you should know before, during, and after the process.  For example, what are the main technical differences between an…

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Do you need to switch to VoIP?

You need to upgrade to voip

Business owners ask themselves this question all the time, and it’s an important one to answer correctly. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system may not be the right solution if you don’t need the benefits it provides, such as cutting costs by having your own PBX (Private Branch Exchange), the ability to customize…

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Avoid Caller Confusion with Holiday Phone Greetings

happy holidays from UpLync

Buying last-minute Secret Santa gifts, organizing the annual office holiday party, running sales and promotions for customers—the silly season is in full swing. With so many distractions, it’s easy to overlook the basics, like changing your company’s voicemail greeting to improve your customers’ experience. Hello, You’ve Reached… Your business will most likely change operating hours,…

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