I just called to say… THANK YOU

grateful voip provider in lafayette inThank you.

When was the first time you heard those two words together? You may not remember because you were so young. 

What’s in a “Thank you?”

“Thank you,” along with “please,” is one of the first phrases we learn. It’s packaged with developing manners and polite behavior during early childhood. For most people, saying it becomes automatic, like the muscle memory you create for riding a bike or driving a car. 

The lady at McDonald’s hands you your coffee – thank you. Your employee gives you a report you asked for – thank you. A customer calls to pay their bill – thank you. Your dog sits on command – thank you. 

You get the picture. We say “thank you” all the time. But what does it mean to be authentically thankful?

Being Grateful

In America, we’ve dedicated the Thanksgiving holiday to reflect and celebrate our appreciation for what we receive. Whether tangible, like a reliable vehicle, or intangible, like good health or the love of close friends, we can acknowledge it. 

Being thankful, aka expressing gratitude, is consistently associated with greater happiness, according to researchers. It shifts our mindset and, when done a few minutes each day, can result in more positive emotions, improved health, building stronger relationships, and more. Talk about a return on your investment!

Consider this small experiment – extend your state of thankfulness beyond the last Thursday in November. Try it until New Year’s and see how your life changes. You’ll be grateful you did.



Your Thankful VoIP Provider in Lafayette, IN

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