Is Your Phone Company Robbing You?

Phone company robbing you? Do better with Uplync

Here’s what to do.

Sometimes, you run across business practices that make you shake your head and think, “I would never run my company that way.” Then, there are times when you see an idea and say, “Why haven’t I been doing that? I’m totally borrowing that concept.”

Within the phone industry, it’s easy to find more of the former, unfortunately. It’s especially prevalent if you purchase phone lines from a conventional, non-VoIP phone company. More than likely, your current phone company is overcharging for their services and robbing you of your hard-earned profits.

But how do you know?

Grab a couple of your most recent phone bills, and let’s do a quick bill review. Here are a few key questions.

Did the amount due increase, stay the same, or go down?

The monthly price typically increases. It may be by just a few dollars or cents, but multiply those small increases over a year. They add up! If your bill went down (YAY!), you’re likely charged based on usage and will see increases in other months. Overall, do the price fluctuations balance out, or are you paying more?

Does the bill include a “taxes, fees, and other charges” or “service fees” section?

Phone companies can legally charge many of these fees; however, no law requires them to remit all the charges to any regulatory agency. A majority of these surcharges are pure profit.

Do you see discounts associated with a promotion?

These indicate that you have a contract with your phone company. When it expires, your prices will skyrocket. Or, the company will auto-renew the contract without your knowledge, making it difficult to change vendors without paying early termination fees.

Are you paying for long-distance calls?

No one should be paying for long-distance calls unless they’re international.

What did you discover? Are you overpaying?

Save by Switching

If you answered “yes,” you don’t need to continue overpaying for phone service. Consider switching to phone lines (aka SIP trunks) from UpLync Communications, a VoIP provider in Lafayette, Indiana. With unfluctuating pricing and no long-term contracts, UpLync customers typically see a 20 percent monthly savings when switching their phone lines. Even if you’re in a contract, we can help. Contact us today!