What to Consider When Changing Your Phone Company

Last month, we explored the many reasons a business might decide to switch to a new voice over IP (VoIP) VoIP phone company.

If you have decided to make a change, it’s time to assess your needs, identify a new provider, and prepare for the transition.



Assess Your Current Needs

The first step in switching VoIP phone companies is to assess your current communication needs.


  • The number of employees using the phone system.
  • The volume of calls made and received.
  • The specific features your business requires (e.g., call forwarding, video conferencing, voicemail-to-email, call recording).
  • The issues or limitations you’re experiencing with your current VoIP provider.

By understanding your needs, you can identify what you require from your new VoIP provider and ensure a seamless transition.

Research New Phone Providers

When searching for a new business phone company, take your time. There’s no need to rush (unless your system is down, of course!). Research multiple providers to find the one that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Pricing: Compare pricing plans, including monthly fees, per-user costs, and additional charges.
  • Features: Evaluate the available features and whether they meet your requirements.
  • Reliability: Look for providers with a track record of uptime and minimal service disruptions.
  • Scalability: Verify the new provider can accommodate your business’s future growth.
  • Customer Support: Read reviews and gather information about the quality of customer support.

Plan for the Transition

Changing from one VoIP phone company to another requires careful preparation to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Develop a detailed transition plan that includes the following:

  • Setting up accounts and number porting: If you want to keep your existing phone numbers, you’ll need to port them to your new VoIP provider. You’llneed a list of your numbers, a copy of your recent phone bill, and any security PINs you use to access the account. This process can take some time, so plan accordingly. 
  • Organizing call-flow requirements: Your new provider will need instructions on what should happen when a call comes into the system. Consider how you want incoming calls managed so callers reach the intended recipient promptly.
  • Informing and training employees: Communicate with your employees, customers, and relevant stakeholders about the switchto the new VoIP phone company. Everyone needs to know what to expect and how to use the new system.
  • Scheduling the switch: Consider transitioning during low-demand periods and collaborate with employees who use the system most to ensure they’re prepared.
  • Maintaining communication: In addition to maintaining open lines of communication with key stakeholders and employees, you’ll want to establish transparency with both providers during the transition.

Switching VoIP phone companies is a significant decision that can impact your business’s communication and operations. By carefully assessing your needs, researching providers, and planning for the transition, you’ll experience a smooth and successful switch. Make the change confidently, knowing you’ve taken all the necessary steps to improve your business communication.

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