Long-Term Contracts Suck

It’s a bold statement, sure. But, we see it all the time. 

You are ready to change your business phone system. You gather quotes from providers, select your favorite, and schedule the installation. But, can you? 

“What do you mean? I own the business. I can change phone companies whenever I want!”

Sadly, you discover that you’re locked into a contract with your current phone provider and didn’t even know it. You remember signing something originally, but you don’t recall seeing anything about renewing. (Ahhhh…the beauty of auto-renew clauses. The phone company sets it, and you forget it.) 

Worse yet, you move forward with changing to a new business phone company. You’re confident that you don’t have a contract—no need to double-check. You transfer all of your numbers and setup your new VoIP phones. Then, you get the mail a few weeks later, and SURPRISE—you receive a bill for early termination fees owed to the old company.

Stop Signing Phone Contracts

Multi-year agreements have their place in certain areas of business—but not when it comes to your phone lines. Unfortunately, they’re often used in the phone industry as a customer-retention and profit-maximization strategy. 

The situation looks a little like this…

You sign a multi-year agreement upfront to receive discounted pricing. Then, the company either sets up your account on auto renew so the pricing stays in place and you don’t notice—or, the contract expires. The prices skyrocket to the point of shock and awe. You call them to figure out what’s going on and they convince you to sign another multi-year agreement. 

You need freedom when you’re a small business owner. Signing a contract restricts you from making changes to your phone service when you want to. They’re difficult to cancel without early termination fees, even if you find a breach on the provider’s part.

Break the Cycle of Long-Term Phone Contracts in Lafayette, Indiana

You don’t need to sign a long-term contract to have reliable VoIP business phone service. UpLync customers in Lafayette, Indiana stay because they want to—not because they have to. We will even help check your contract status and discuss your options before switching.

Give us a call or text us at (765) 421-6072 to learn more about our VoIP business phones with no long-term contracts!