Lafayette’s Go-To Phone and Internet Providers: Two Local Businesses, One Local Solution

Hosted voice over IP (VoIP) business phones aren’t picky about internet service providers. They’ll fire up and “work” regardless of the vendor name at the top of your monthly internet bill. 

But there’s a caveat. 

Your VoIP phones will throw a fit if that vendor’s internet service is slow or degraded by high packet loss or congestion. You’ll experience dropped calls, crackling lines, echoes, and other annoying issues that negatively affect customer interactions. 

VoIP Phones on Internet Services Powered By Wintek

As a business phone provider, we recommend fiber internet connections, especially those from local companies. For example, in the Lafayette, IN, area, Wintek is our go-to partner when prospects or customers ask about internet providers. Their expertise in high-speed internet complements our hosted business phone systems and service.

Locally owned and operated, Wintek was the first to offer local fiber broadband to the area, paving the way for more reliable internet service. In 2019, Tipmont REMC acquired Wintek to help make fiber internet more widely available to its 23,000 customers and business owners in the surrounding communities.

Quality Products with Hometown Service

Our recommendation originates from the fact that they have a premier fiber internet product, but also because we share similar values. We’re both ferociously committed to providing top-shelf customer service.  

Even with preventative measures in place, technology will inevitably fail. That’s when you can measure the true worth of your internet and VoIP phone vendors – how they respond when an outage or issue arises. Similarly, Wintek wants to resolve problems as quickly as possible because they genuinely care and understand what it means to your business’s success. 

Technology Resources Beyond the Internet

As the only infrastructure-based VoIP phone provider in Lafayette, IN, we trust Wintek far beyond its internet services. We host our entire business phone back-end equipment and software at their world-class data center. While other companies in Lafayette sell internet-based phone systems, they are merely reselling products from other national vendors. 

Your Business Phone System Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

When you’re looking for business phones and internet, let us know. We want you to have a phone system that best fits your business and goals, even if it doesn’t come from us. (Seriously, we’re not just saying that!) Regarding your internet provider, though, Wintek should be your first call.