Gobble Up VoIP Features, Spend More Time With Family

Thanksgiving reminds us to express gratitude and reflect on what we’re thankful for — family, friends, good health. We tend to overlook the little things that can make the most significant difference. The ones that make life easier each day — dishwashers, microwaves, fast Internet connections, etc. 

Maybe even the features of your business’ Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system…Ok, sure, it’s a bit of a stretch. Yet, consider your work life without them.

Thank You, Do Not Disturb Button

Ahhh, the beauty of your phone’s Do Not Disturb (DND) button. Press it, and calls go straight to your voicemail box, allowing you to focus on your to-do list without interruptions. (Well, from your phone anyway. Your employees may be another story.)

You Rock, Voicemail-to-Email

All voicemails, including those when your phone is in DND mode, appear in your email inbox. There’s a text transcription of the message and an audio file. You can listen to your voicemail from anywhere and delegate follow-up tasks by simply forwarding an email. They’re still saved on your desk phone, too.

FollowMe, You’re My Favorite

Missing important calls because you’re away from your desk can be frustrating as a business owner. Pressing your phone’s FollowMe button automatically forwards calls to your cellphone. If you don’t answer, the caller hears your business voicemail greeting, and their message shows up in your email inbox. You don’t have to stress about callers getting your cellphone number or hearing your personal voicemail greeting.

You’re My Hero, Automated Attendant

Fluctuating business hours, holiday specials, wishing customers season’s greetings — all this is made possible by your phone system’s automated attendant feature. It gives you the flexibility to plan and program future changes. Set it and forget it. No more waking up in a panic on Thanksgiving Day because you forgot to put the office phones into “closed mode.” 

Your VoIP Provider in Lafayette, IN

The holidays can be the busiest time of year, both personally and professionally. You need a phone system that fits your needs, like time to focus when you’re at your desk and still receive essential communications when you’re away from it. 

If your current phone system doesn’t offer these features, contact the experts at UpLync Communications, a VoIP provider in Lafayette, Indiana. You’ll be grateful that you did.