Cubicle, Conference Room, Couch—Use VoIP to Connect with Customers from Anywhere

Holy cow! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken you for a ride this last month—determining if your small business is “essential” and then figuring out how to stay open while also keeping your employees and customers safe and healthy. 


Scrambling to get employees set up to work from home and then managing them with kids and dogs surprisingly (and sometimes hilariously) interrupting video meetings and phone calls. 


Making the gut-wrenching decision to completely close until further notice, but still needing to meet financial obligations.

Staying Open

What does this have to do with VoIP phones? Well, as a small business ourselves, we’ve been cautiously navigating this “new normal” right along with you. We decided to significantly pull back our sales strategies and have been committed to helping customers make whatever transitions they need.

We’re about connecting and helping Lafayette business owners like you. Hosted business phone systems just happen to be the medium in which we accomplish that goal. Our business phone services connect small businesses both externally with prospects and clients, but also internally, regardless of where employees fire up their computers—cubicle, conference room, couch—makes no difference.

Many of our customers have changed how they connect, starting with what happens when someone calls their phone number. Some are forwarding their main number to one or more cellphones. To return calls, they’re using our cell app to mask their personal numbers. Others have recorded new greetings to communicate what clients can do to reach them while employees work from home. We also have customers who have taken their physical desk phones home. VoIP phone technology allows them to use the phone as if they’re sitting at their office. Business texting has also become crucial to certain clients.

Keep Talkin’ During COVID-19

Most of us avoid change, especially when it comes to technology because it’s uncomfortable. COVID-19 eliminated our luxury of choice and is forcing us to look at our businesses differently. If you’d like to change the way you’re connecting with customers and employees, contact UpLync Communications, a business phone service in Lafayette, Indiana, that also provides text and fax services. Our experts can guide you through the process and even set it up for you. We’re here to help!