Adding VoIP Phones To Your Training Toolkit

uplync helps you train better with voip phones

It’s a shiny new year, and as a business owner, you might be considering new professional development or training options for your employees. Your business phones can often be used as a training tool, especially if you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) system with advanced features. 

Better Phone System = Better Customer Service

If improving customer service is a key focus, you’ll most likely want to listen in on agents’ calls and provide feedback. Your Internet-based phone system offers three options — listen, whisper, and barge.

(In the below examples, “agent” is the employee, “manager” is the person monitoring the agent, and “client” is the third party.)

Listen: The manager can hear both the agent and the client, but they can’t hear the manager. The agent has no idea the manager is listening unless the manager tells her ahead of time.

Example — The agent has been working on improving his tone and inflection when speaking with clients. You want to monitor the agent’s progress in preparation for your next check-in/coaching session.

Whisper: The manager can hear both the agent and client; however, the agent can also hear the manager. The client can only hear the agent, hence “whisper.” 

Example — The agent isn’t well-versed in the complexities of your product lines yet. When a client asks a highly specific question, the sales manager whispers the necessary information to the agent.

Barge: The manager joins the agent and client, and all parties can hear each other. A word of caution, if the original agent hangs up, the call drops. It is not a 3-way call. 

Example — The client and a new agent plan to discuss contract details that have legal implications for your company. You need the option to jump into the conversation if necessary.

Your Business Phone System Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

Your business phone system in Lafayette, Indiana, is a powerful training tool. If you want to integrate these features into your training procedures, but aren’t sure where to start, contact UpLync Communications. A VoIP business phone company in Lafayette, Indiana, UpLync’s experts include the listen, whisper, and barge features in all of their cloud-based systems

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