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car depicting the speed of QoSDial-In Your Call Quality with Traffic Shaping

Cars are complex. There are tons of parts and pieces working together to ensure we safely get from Point A to Point B. When something’s not functioning correctly, the problem is sometimes obvious and easy to fix, like a flat tire. Other times, it can take even an expert mechanic significant time to diagnose the issue because each part depends on others to make the car run.

Hosted voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems are similarly complicated. They rely on your internet connection and IT network, which include endless components (cables, routers, switches, etc.) that can cause points of failure. VoIP’s “flat tires,” like replacing a handset, are manageable, but overcoming voice call-quality issues may require an expert.

Use QoS to Improve Call Quality

Some people believe that increasing internet speed is the solution to VoIP audio issues, but you might experience voice quality issues regardless of your connection speed and bandwidth. It’s more likely that your company’s router needs a quality of service (QoS) modification known as traffic shaping.

What is Traffic Shaping?

Traffic shaping is a way to prioritize voice packets over other data packets, such as music or videos, going through a router. It boosts the reliability and clarity of VoIP phone calls by dedicating a small percentage of your bandwidth to voice.

Routers handle data packets following a First In First Out (FIFO) order by default. This can create queuing issues across your network when bandwidth use is high. Traffic shaping solves this by prioritizing network resources based on the type of traffic and device. Your IT department or consultant can modify your router’s QoS settings, so there’s plenty of space for your phone calls to get through first, and it doesn’t affect your other internet activity. It’s like adding a carpool lane to a highway. The voice data gets to cruise right by the rest.

Seek Help from a VoIP Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

Like your computer and any other technology, issues with Internet-based office phones happen. But, it should be the exception, not the rule. You may have a dropped call or voice crackling every once and a while, but if the issues persist, it’s time to contact your phone support team. They can partner with your IT department to implement traffic shaping.

The experts at UpLync Communications, a VoIP provider in Lafayette, Indiana, can also help you dig into voice call-quality issues. Contact us for a free consultation.