What’s the Difference? Hosted VoIP Phone Systems vs. Traditional Phone Lines

Cutting phone cord for UpLync business phone service Lafayette, IN.

Many small business owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “Today, I will figure out what new phone system I want!” No, phone systems and service doesn’t typically rise to the top of your have-to-do-now list until something breaks or you get a shockingly high phone bill because your contract expired.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach! And, you’re amongst good friends. When that day arrives, you’ll have to make a quick decision, especially if your existing system is completely down. Phone systems are kind of like the cereal aisle—there are just too many options. Do you switch to internet-based phones? Do you stick with the phone lines you have and just buy a new “old-school” system? What the heck is the difference? You don’t need to know how the technology of each one works. You just need it to work. Let UpLync Communications, a business phone service in Lafayette, IN, answer your questions!

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems – Lafayette, IN (aka internet phones, virtual pbx, cloud phones, etc.)

VoIP phone systems work using your existing internet connection. (In case you’re curious, VoIP=Voice over Internet Protocol.) Basically, you just need a broadband internet connection and a compatible desk phone. If you don’t currently have VoIP internet phones, you will have an initial equipment investment. However, it won’t be nearly as costly as a conventional business phone system.

The approach to business phone systems is different than when you purchased your last one. So, forget about everything you currently know regarding phone service. Here’s what’s new:  

  • Not restricted by number of phone lines
  • Don’t need a separate phone vendor – one point of contact now
  • Initial equipment investment is cheaper
  • Monthly cost is typically lower (free long distance, toll-free, etc.)
  • Features that help your business (think voicemail-to-email, hold music, auto-attendant, cell phone integration, business texting, etc.)

Traditional Phone Lines in Lafayette, IN

This is what you probably have now. You pay for X number of phone lines (probably 2 to 10, with one being a fax line). These lines attach to your current phones, and all of the lines are tied up—you can’t make any calls until someone else gets off the phone. If lightning strikes your office, you run the risk of it frying your phone system.

This technology is still available. You don’t have to change to VoIP phones. Maybe you’re just not ready. If you choose to purchase a traditional phone system and use phone lines, you will incur higher costs in the initial equipment investment and continue to be restricted by the number of lines you pay for each month. If you go this route, consider exploring digital phone lines for monthly cost savings.

Making a final decision on your new phone system and service can be a daunting task. It might not keep you up at night, but it can involve a large time investment. Let the experts at UpLync Communications, a business phone service in Lafayette, Indiana, guide you through this process, whether you’d like a traditional phone system or a VoIP phone system.