UpLync Moves Hardware Home

close up of servers for uplync wintek

When Lafayette-based Wintek Corporation opened its data center a few years ago, the wheels started turning here at UpLync. We wanted in! The servers running our internet-based phone systems were located in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Phoenix. There’s nothing technically wrong with housing our hardware in those cities, but why not have them closer to home while also supporting another Lafayette business?

Local Technology

Wintek, powered by Tipmont, is this area’s premier technology and fiber solutions provider. The data center offers the secure, safe, and reliable infrastructure needed to house UpLync’s mission-critical servers. 

“Wintek is an excellent local company that we’ve had very good experience working with in the past,” says our CEO Mike Bristol. “Their data center is world-class, and we’re lucky enough to have something like that right here in Lafayette.”

Unfortunately, we had to be patient. It wasn’t cost-effective for us to move our network operations at that time. We needed to grow our customer base before we could make the transition. As soon as we achieved that goal, we started planning and installed the first server in July 2019 (a small happy dance may have ensued). We’re expecting to have everything completely moved by Thanksgiving of this year!

What This Means for You

From a customer standpoint, there are several benefits. This change will allow us to keep costs down and continue to offer a high level of business phone service at a reasonable price. We operate in an industry where many phone companies continue to increase monthly rates and add extraneous fees. We don’t want to “fall in line” with these other phone companies. 

From a technical perspective, this direct connection allows us to maintain an even more secure and stable network environment for our phone systems. It also means that we can continue to scale and grow without relying on third-party vendors who are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away. If we need something, we can just drive to the south side of town.

“By having our network assets at the Wintek data center, we’re able to provide telephone services to business customers who are also using their internet connections,” Mike says. “It’s a win-win for all those involved, from my perspective.” 

Homegrown Lafayette Service

We are the only telephone company currently housing its infrastructure in the Wintek data center. There are other companies in Lafayette who sell internet-based phone systems, but they are reselling products from larger national vendors. 

“We’re the only locally owned and operated internet-based phone company in Lafayette,” Mike says. “We’re also geeks and are beyond excited to see our hardware now living in the same town.”

If you are a current UpLync customer and have questions regarding this transition, please email [email protected], or call (765) 421-6072 for more information regarding your business phone system.