Keep on Talkin’ – Even When the Internet Fails!

Person enjoying LTE failover servicesTake a look around your business. How many devices connect to the internet? What happens if there’s an outage?

Computers, credit card machines, phones, etc., all the essential tools to successfully run a business, rely on internet service. They allow you to connect and engage with your customers. That’s why an internet outage can be catastrophic for a company without LTE failover for its hosted business phone system.

What is LTE Failover?

LTE failover is a dedicated cellular connection that works like a backup generator for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones. If the internet experiences an outage, the LTE failover kicks in and puts everything on the backup cellular service. Depending on what version you have, you probably won’t even know it happened.

There are two types of LTE failover: Standard and Premium.


Standard (aka Hot Failover) is the simplest way LTE failover happens. When your internet experiences an outage, there will be a brief 15-second delay as the phones switch to the cellular backup. If you use the phone during this time, it will temporarily go silent. Otherwise, you won’t know it happened at all.


Premium (aka WAN Smoothing) works the same as Hot Failover but doesn’t include the brief delay as the VoIP phone service switches to using LTE. There’s no downtime. If you’re on a call, it won’t go silent or drop. You likely won’t even know it happened.

Do I Need LTE Failover?

Internet outages are nearly impossible to predict and can result in severe problems for your business. LTE failover for your internet-based phone system helps ensure at least one of your essential tools for daily operations continues seamlessly. It keeps you connected to your customers and the outside world. If losing internet service, even for a short time, would be detrimental to your business, LTE failover is an excellent option.

Your Business Phone System Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

When you’re ready to install a cellular backup system for your VoIP phones, contact UpLync Communications, a business phone service provider in Lafayette, IN. We want you to have a phone system that best fits your business and goals, even if it doesn’t come from us. (Seriously, we’re not just saying that!) Contact UpLync to learn more about our LTE failover options.