Ignorance Isn’t Bliss – 4 VoIP Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

UpLync answers your VoIP questions

There are no dumb questions. 

Most of us have heard that from a teacher or two in our lifetime. Yet, asking what we consider to be a “dumb” or “silly” question is difficult for some people, especially in a business setting. We fear that asking it may make us appear somehow incompetent. 

If you happen to fall into that category of people, no problem, you’re amongst friends. We compiled a few of our most common questions related to hosted voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems in Lafayette, Indiana, so you get answers you need while still maintaining anonymity!

1. Can I keep my business phone number? 

Yes, you own it, and it goes where you go. The new VoIP phone company “ports” the number from your current provider. 

2. If I want everyone to work from home, can we use these phones? 

Yes, hosted VoIP phones are much more flexible than conventional analog systems. There are a couple of options. 

First, you can take your physical desk phone home and connect it to your Internet service. 

The second option involves using a softphone on your cell phone or computer. 

Either way, you can work at home just as if you were at your business office. WARNING: Both of these rely on the quality and speed of your home Internet. Unreliable Internet service equals call-quality issues regardless of whether you are at home or the office.

3. Will I be in charge of making changes to the system? Like setting up recordings?

That’s kind of a tricky question. It depends on the VoIP phone vendor you choose and your preference. If you want complete control, like with an online admin portal, to set up each phone and call flow, there’s a vendor for you. 

If you’d prefer not to become a phone expert, there are vendors, like UpLync, who will manage the system. That is a crucial question to ask when you’re collecting quotes for a new hosted VoIP system.

4. I know these phones require Internet access, but what happens when there are Internet outages? 

You’re going to love this answer—IT DEPENDS! There are two types of VoIP phone systems. 

One is premises-based and is a piece of hardware physically “living” in your office. 

The other is a hosted system that “lives” in the cloud. If it’s in your office and the Internet goes out, your phones and entire system stop working. But, if it’s cloud-based, your desk phones won’t work, but callers can still access the system. They will hear the line ringing and can leave a voicemail message. As long as you have the voicemail-to-email feature enabled, you will receive the messages via your email inbox and can return calls using a mobile device.

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Integrating a VoIP business phone system isn’t something most business owners can quickly understand with a Google search. There really are no dumb questions about making phones ring and successfully connecting you with your customers.