Go UpLync! It’s Your Birthday!

UpLync in Lafayette Indiana is celebrating its 25th birthday

Happy Birthday, UpLync! 

You’re officially 25. You can now rent a car without any restrictions or extra “young driver” fees. 

The Early Days

Just like humans, UpLync has morphed and matured. It hasn’t always been a VoIP provider in Lafayette, IN. During its infancy in the late 1990s and early 2000s, UpLync went by GOIN, a dial-up internet company in rural Missouri. Delivering internet service over phone lines required an intimate understanding of the telecommunications industry. Founder and CEO Mike Bristol quickly became an expert at navigating the complexities of telephone infrastructure and managing relationships with phone companies.

As with today’s internet services, GOIN customers installed a piece of hardware in their homes. GOIN’s service technicians quickly found themselves fielding questions beyond the scope of dial-up hardware. Customers wanted them to fix their home computers as well. So, Mike added an IT services department and rebranded the business as UpLync Technologies. 

Internet infrastructure was quickly changing as UpLync weathered its awkward tween years. Mike knew broadband would eventually cannibalize the dial-up industry, leaving the IT services division to replace that dwindling revenue stream. 

Enter UpLync Communications

An old ad for UpLync in Lafayette Indiana

Mike needed to pivot (Thanks for the term, 2020!). He eventually sold the IT services arm of UpLync Technologies and embraced a new strategy.

Given Mike’s expertise in telecommunications and experience navigating phone companies, he foresaw an impending transition for business phone services. Internet-based phones would soon replace copper phone lines connected to analog PBX systems (aka, the big box in the office closet).

Mike shifted his focus from delivering the internet over phone lines to using it to create reliable, affordable, and flexible business phone systems. UpLync Communications is now a leading provider of hosted voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems in Lafayette, Indiana for businesses in 18 states.

Your VoIP Provider in Lafayette, IN

Uplync in Lafayette, IN receives an award

As a full-blown adult, UpLync faces a rapidly saturating VoIP market, similar to the dial-up industry 25 years ago. And, as a result of the global pandemic, business owners are exploring new approaches to employee communications, ones that more easily support a remote workforce. (Adulting is hard!) But, there’s no need for a quarter-life crisis. As the saying goes: “With age, comes wisdom.” 

Mike and the UpLync team are ready to tackle whatever may come in the next two decades. Hey, maybe they’ll even get to rent one of those high-tech electric cars with auto-pilot.