Go Beyond the Traditional Business Phone – Business Texting

Office worker business texting in lafayette indiana

Whether it’s a reminder for a doctor’s appointment or a coupon code for a discount at your favorite retail store, more businesses are texting you. 

It makes sense. 

Think about how you use texting in your personal life. Are you more likely to return a missed call from your mom or shoot her a text that says, “What’s up?” According to a recent study by Zipwhip—one of the first companies to offer landline business texting—58 percent of consumers said they have responded to a missed call via text. 

Stop Ghosting Your Customers

Businesses have also realized that some consumers don’t differentiate a landline/VoIP number from a mobile number. Your prospective and existing customers might already be texting you, but you don’t know it. If your 10-digit landline/VoIP business phone number isn’t text enabled, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with them.

Almost 40 percent of businesses are using some form of texting, according to Zipwhip’s 2019 State of Texting report. The study found that companies use texting for the following activities:

  • 56% – Scheduling
  • 54% – Customer service/support
  • 34% – Sales and inquiries
  • 26% – Marketing and promotions
  • 19% – Billing and collection
  • 17% – Recruiting and staffing

Text enabling an existing number is cost-effective, easy and adds value to your customer experience. Almost 98 percent of texts are read, usually in as little as 90 seconds, according to Zipwhip. In comparison, emails only have a 20 percent open rate.

Getting Set-up for Business Texting in Lafayette, Indiana

OK. You’re convinced, but how do you actually get started? First, determine how you want to use texting (see that list of activities above). Next, choose a platform. You can use texting software, like Zipwhip; your customer relationship management system (CRM); or even your point of sale system (POS), if it offers texting integration. Most business owners choose texting software over other methods because they can use their existing numbers. Plus, it allows customers to engage in conversation (two-way texting) and has an overall better user experience. Finally, get texting.

Mind Your Texting Manners

Texting is an effective way to communicate with customers, but it shouldn’t be abused. (Remember when email used to be effective, too? Then came along SPAM!) Poor text etiquette can result in a blocked number. Like with email, customers need to opt-in, which gives the business permission to text them. They also need an easy way to opt-out.

If you want to start reaching your customers via texting, contact UpLync Communications, a business phone, text and fax service provider in Lafayette, Indiana. Their experts can guide you through the process and even set it up for you.