Ctrl Your VoIP – Ask These 5 Questions

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Control. We crave it so much that we gave ourselves a key for it on our keyboards. And, we didn’t stop there. We have the ultimate control. Don’t think so? Just type Ctrl+Alt+Delete. BAM – you just killed a computer! 

Sadly, not everything in life works that way (insert buzzkill!).

As a small business owner, you may feel like the Ctrl button is completely missing from your keyboard on certain days. Between supporting customers, managing employees, and calling vendors, you can put in a full day’s worth of work and never check anything off your own to-do list.

Hit the Ctrl Button

Yet, you really are in control of many aspects of your business, especially when it comes to choosing your suppliers and vendors. You know that reliable business phone service is a must-have, but selecting a voice over IP (VoIP) phone company can be confusing. 

Here are 5 questions to ask when you are choosing a VoIP phone system for your business:

  1. Do they specialize in VoIP only? If you offer multiple product lines, you know how challenging it can be to support the ones you don’t have expertise in. It’s the same for VoIP phone providers. Many phone companies offer services such as Internet, television, and IT support. They aren’t 100 percent focused on the service you will be paying for. 
  2. Does the VoIP company own its own infrastructure? There are many companies reselling VoIP systems from a third party. These systems offer the features and functionality you want. However, you’re likely to face complications when you need technical support. VoIP providers who own their own infrastructure built the system and can provide faster and higher quality customer service. 
  3. What is the customer service support promise? Assuming you aren’t a phone expert, you will rely on your VoIP provider’s support team when you have questions. Some phone companies place more value on customer service than others. Remember to ask about this key aspect during your research. It can be painful to discover that you are “on your own” after the phones are installed. 
  4. Is their pricing transparent? Old-school business phone service providers are notorious for hidden costs and surprise fees resulting in fluctuating monthly invoices. VoIP companies can also operate on the same pricing model. Dig into what your cost will truly be a few months to a year after you agree to use the service.
  5. Do they earn your business every single month? If your VoIP company requires yearly or multi-yearly contracts, you’re stuck. The most effective way to ensure your business phone system provider is serving you is a month-to-month agreement where they have to earn your business, not take it for granted.

Take Ctrl – Shop Around for VoIP Business Phones

If “finding a new phone system” is on your to-do list, block out a chunk of time on your calendar to focus on your options. It’s easy to collect estimates from VoIP service providers. The true challenge is asking the right questions when you’re comparing them and making a final selection. Just remember—you’re in control.

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