Communication Is Key – Internet Phones Lafayette, IN

It started as an idea that you and a couple of friends had on a night out. It was small and not discussed at length, but the idea excited you. The next day, you decide to do some research and you discover that the idea is viable. After realizing that there is a market to be filled, you get your friends together and start working. It will be a long arduous road but the people you want on your side are there, ready and willing to go to war for you. Starting your own business is intimidating, lacks certainty, and is full of learning experiences but that doesn’t mean you’re going to quit.

A New Problem Every Day

You and your friends just got a patent approved, you’re picking up funding, and now you’re looking for employees. It hits you the day you start to design the company’s website – you need a business phone number. Until now, you’ve been giving people your personal cell phone number. You are already receiving company-related calls and texts at all hours, and it will get worse as the business grows.

With everything that goes into starting a business, it is easy to overlook the little things. The company’s phone number is important. Most business owners end up scrambling at the last minute and choose a traditional phone company to acquire phone numbers and set up a phone system. It is easy to go this route in the beginning. Conventional phone providers have been around forever, but they are also expensive, which will eat away at your cash flow. Instead, you can work with internet phone companies, like the one located in Lafayette, Indiana.

VoIP Phone Systems That Grow With You

Not all phone companies and phone systems are created equal. The latest technology available for business is Voice over IP (VoIP) or internet-based phones. Without getting too technical, VoIP phone systems use an internet connection and do not require the significant investment in hardware that conventional systems are known for. The desk phones look pretty much the same but as what you’ve seen in the past. But, internet phones offer much more flexibility for customization and mobility. If you decide that you do not like your office space or need to expand, moving your phone system is incredibly easy. Simply pack up your desk phones and plug them into an internet connection at your new location. Internet phones also have the ability for your cell phone to field office calls while still giving the appearance that you are in the office, which makes working remotely even more professional, though your pajamas may say otherwise.

The various applications available to Internet phones go a step further and allow users to have voicemails sent to their email box, which allows for more versatility when it comes to your business. Every business has their own unique needs and challenges, but VoIP phone systems allow businesses large or small to operate how they want to without the hassle of hardware or expensive contracts. Plus, you don’t have to become a phone expert. Instead, you can focus on what’s important – growing your new business.