Celebrate the Good Times, Come On

Live in the now! The past is in the past! Forward march!

A million sayings remind us to focus on the future and not dwell on the past. But this is the time of year when reflection on what happened in the last 12 months makes sense. It’s easy to get caught up in what went wrong and how to fix it so you don’t repeat it. It’s important, maybe even more so, to celebrate the wins, too.

The UpLync team met recently for our annual “year-in-review.” We looked over the 2022 goals we set in December 2021 as Lafayette’s business phone service provider. Whoa! We knocked most of them out of the park and made significant progress on others. What stood out the most in the meeting was everything we accomplished IN ADDITION to those official goals. We’re excited to share a few with you.

New Product Development

We launched Cellular (LTE) Failover for VoIP to keep our customers connected to calls during internet outages. We’re wrapping up testing on a new electronic fax platform, along with UpLync Softphone, our company-specific app that includes voice and texting. Customers can use UpLync Softphone on mobile devices and as a desktop application. Look for announcements on those products in Q1 of 2023.

Address Change

UpLync storefront

We moved our physical office this year. The new location at 5 Executive Drive, Ste C-1, Lafayette, IN 47905, is an ideal basecamp for our installation team. Most of us still work remotely but use it as a “landing pad” for meetings or when we want to get away from our home offices.

Infrastructure, Technical, and Internal Process Improvements

man shown from behind working on wires to a server

Many of our team’s wins happened behind the scenes. We installed a new server at the Wintek data center to ensure we have ample space for future expansion. We also increased our technical expertise on traffic shaping to enhance call quality. We began transitioning to a centralized business management software platform in late 2021 and successfully converted seven applications that ran independently from one another over to the new platform. This required changes to our internal processes, along with staff training.

Staying Humble

Sharing a few of our significant 2022 wins isn’t to brag. Instead, we want to illustrate our commitment to continuous improvement so we can offer the best VoIP business phone products and services to our customers. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas. If any come to mind, or you’d like to share some of your company’s wins, reach out to us. We’d love to share in your successes. 

Watch out 2023, here we come! Happy New Year!


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