Calling All Procrastinators

uplync business phonesSwitching Phone Systems Makes Sense

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Raise your hand if you’ve said, “That can wait until tomorrow.”

If your hand is in the air, you’re in good company. Some of us are expert procrastinators, especially when there’s a challenging task or something we don’t want to do, like mowing the lawn in 100-percent humidity during August. If we perceive that we don’t know how to do a job or where to start, our mind can transform it into an irrationally significant issue that may, in reality, only take 10 minutes to complete. Yet, we spend two days avoiding it.

Putting Off the Switch

Business owners usually take this approach with their phone systems, especially if they have an old analog system that they should have replaced years ago. They remember the cost and headache of purchasing the original system and push it off to the “to-do-later” list.

Instead of transitioning to a hosted VoIP phone system, they scour eBay to find handset replacements. Or, they pay a service technician to diagnose and fix whatever ails the dying phone equipment in the closet. If it isn’t fixable, the business adjusts its workflow, causing inefficiencies. The company could easily replace the old system in a fraction of the time they spend limping along the old one. Yet, it gets put off until “tomorrow.”

VoIP Phone System Misconceptions

Here are a few common misconceptions that cause business owners to delay switching to an internet-based phone system.

VoIP phone systems are expensive.

Compared to traditional analog systems, hosted VoIP phones are much less expensive. Analog systems require a large initial capital investment, followed by costs associated with the phone system provider who installs and fixes the PBX and a phone company that supplies dial-tone via phone lines.

Hosted VoIP phone equipment is reasonably priced, and the system only requires the phone provider because it uses your existing internet connection to connect phones on your desks back to the phone provider’s network. VoIP systems also offer the features and flexibility to improve communication flow through your business instead of creating inefficiencies.

Switching phone systems is too disruptive. I can’t have downtime.

Any change at a business is uncomfortable because most people resist it. With the right VoIP phone provider, making the switch is seamless. It’s possible to install an internet-based phone system and port your existing phone numbers without downtime or significant disruptions to a business day.


I’ll have to manage the system myself.

The validity of this statement depends on the phone service provider you choose. Yes, there are VoIP phone vendors who ship you a box of phones, give you a user portal, and expect you to set up and manage your system. If you don’t want to become a phone expert, look for the full-service vendor who installs the phones, consults with you on how best to set up the system for your business workflow, and makes changes for you after installation.


Your Full-Service Business Phone System Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

Avoid falling prey to these VoIP misconceptions by asking questions to the experts at a local VoIP company, like UpLync Communications, a phone provider in Lafayette, Indiana. These VoIP phone companies can offer valuable insight from years of experience and often have more attractive pricing than national vendors.

Apply Benjamin Franklin’s advice to replacing your analog phone system: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Contact UpLync for a free, low-pressure consultation.