Bzzz! Another Customer Text!

Business woman using business texting from UpLyncTexting has become one of the most popular forms of communication for businesses today. According to Techjury, more than 75 percent of clients want to receive offers via text message, and 41 percent would rather receive texts than emails. 

Customers are more likely to open and read text messages as opposed to email as well. Nine out of 10 people open their text messages—and 60 percent read them within one to five minutes after hearing their phone ding or vibrate with the notification. 

Getting Started with Business Texting

Adding texting to your business communication channels makes strategic sense, but how do you get started?  

First, determine how you’ll use texting. Scheduling, customer support, billing reminders, alerts, and product specials are a few areas to consider. Also, estimate how many daily messages you’ll send. 

Next, choose a platform. You can use texting software, like UpLync Softphone; your customer relationship management system (CRM); or even your point of sale system (POS) if it offers texting integration. 

Business texting screen on UpLync phone

Choosing a Texting Platform

As with most business software, many options are available for texting. The one that’s right for your company depends on your target audience, the number of daily messages, and the nature of your messages. For example, if you want to send product offers to thousands of people daily, your SMS marketing tool will be more robust than having a few hundred one-to-one conversations with prospects and customers.

Many business owners choose texting software over CRM or POS because they can use their existing company number. Plus, it allows customers to engage in conversation (two-way texting) and has a better user experience. While some SMS platforms respond with an automated bot, Techjury reports that 74 percent of clients want a human to respond to their text. So, also remember to consider “who” will engage in your business texting conversations.

Mind Your Texting Manners

With a platform in place, you’re ready to send texts but don’t abuse the privilege of reaching customers via this channel. (Remember when email used to be effective, too? Then along came SPAM!) Poor text etiquette can result in phone carriers limiting your deliverability or blocking your number. Like email, customers need to opt in, which gives the business permission to text them. They also need an easy way to opt out.

Your Business Texting and Phone System Provider – Lafayette, Indiana

Whether you’re sending promotional offers, appointment reminders, or emergency alerts, texting services make delivering your messages simple and easy. 

When you’re ready to send your customers texts, contact UpLync Communications, a business texting and phone service provider in Lafayette, IN. We want you to have a phone system and SMS platform that best fits your business and goals, even if it doesn’t come from us. (Seriously, we’re not just saying that!) Contact UpLync to learn more about our texting services.